Empaths without Borders Episode #9: Rescue Me!

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/empaths-without-borders/id1585057242?i=1000540463984 Ever find yourself in the habit of rescuer? Do people rely on you to rescue them from their own choices? Do you try to rescue people when they DON’T want you to? Rescuing is common in codependency. It’s also a trap Empaths tend to fall into because of the desire to be loved and … Continue reading Empaths without Borders Episode #9: Rescue Me!

Empaths without Borders Episode #8: Gaslighting

https://anchor.fm/empathswithoutborders/embed/episodes/8--It-is-Gaslighting-e197cmm Gaslighting! Are you feeling confused about what’s really happening at work, in your relationships or friendships? Do you keep hearing the word gaslight? Confused as to what it means? Or worse, think you may be gaslighting? How does one know if there’s gaslighting vs healthy relationship disagreements? Join us in dissecting what the word … Continue reading Empaths without Borders Episode #8: Gaslighting

Podcast #9: The Journey of Awakening: With Honor Genetski

Wow, wow, wow!   I had the honor of interviewing Honor Genetski today!  She is a game changer for all moms out there struggling to find their own in the journey of motherhood.  So many of us feel unsupported, lost, beat down, and also knowing it could be better.  The difference between surviving motherhood and … Continue reading Podcast #9: The Journey of Awakening: With Honor Genetski

Podcast Episode #6: Physician Heal Thyself

Our family has been on the "paleo" journey for the past 15 years, to varying degrees of strictness.  Lately, I've completely fallen off the wagon, convinced that I don't really feel much difference.  But, I'm getting old and the stress I've put on my body through birth, breastfeeding, life, and raising 5 kids is starting … Continue reading Podcast Episode #6: Physician Heal Thyself