Empaths without Borders Episode #8: Gaslighting

https://anchor.fm/empathswithoutborders/embed/episodes/8--It-is-Gaslighting-e197cmm Gaslighting! Are you feeling confused about what’s really happening at work, in your relationships or friendships? Do you keep hearing the word gaslight? Confused as to what it means? Or worse, think you may be gaslighting? How does one know if there’s gaslighting vs healthy relationship disagreements? Join us in dissecting what the word … Continue reading Empaths without Borders Episode #8: Gaslighting

Empaths without Borders Podcast #7: …but…Look on the Bright Side!

Welcome to a coffee podcast today! We (eventually) get around to talking about the art of "reframe". What is reframe exactly? Where can you use it? When is it burying your head in the sand? Is it simply trying to be grateful for how things are? What if things aren't good? Empaths often find themselves … Continue reading Empaths without Borders Podcast #7: …but…Look on the Bright Side!

Empaths Without Borders Podcast #6: Judgement

Do you find yourself judging others? Do you judge yourself even more? Self-criticism is common among empaths. Many empaths strive to be always challenging themselves to be the best they can be, but where is the line between self-improvement and self-flogging? When we find ourselves judging other people's actions, this is a big clue that … Continue reading Empaths Without Borders Podcast #6: Judgement