Empaths Without Borders Podcast #6: Judgement

Do you find yourself judging others? Do you judge yourself even more? Self-criticism is common among empaths. Many empaths strive to be always challenging themselves to be the best they can be, but where is the line between self-improvement and self-flogging?
When we find ourselves judging other people’s actions, this is a big clue that we are feeling insecure in our own decisions and choices. When we find ourselves deeply swayed by outside judgment of others it’s a big clue that we are not making choices in centeredness.

The world judges us harshly, especially moms. We are hardest on ourselves tho. Jencee and I challenge you to look inward: Are you the judge? The judged? The self-critical? We talk about why we get so riled up when we feel judged. Spoiler alert! It has nothing to do with the person judging us!


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