Podcast #8: Finding My Religion

Join me in another riff podcast with my brother, Tim Scholten from NY as we talk about the LGBTQ and evangelical Christian church, growing up and the process of deconstructing that theology.  How does a non-affirming theology affect gay Christians?  Can non-affirming churches ever feel welcoming and safe for Gay Christians who are openly gay?  … Continue reading Podcast #8: Finding My Religion

Not Crying On Sundays Part 3: The Forced Choice

The church has been celebrating their recent happy middle ground. "We can agree that you can be gay, we agree that probably won't change, but ACTING on it is a big, fat, sin." The church can congratulate themselves on this victory of practicing humanity while holding their self-appointed high moral ground, applauding themselves for being … Continue reading Not Crying On Sundays Part 3: The Forced Choice