Podcast Episode #12! Beyond outrage on Social Media: What can white allies do?

I was honored to host Pastor Fred Gallop this weekend and talk with him about systemic racism, racial concepts 101, and how white allies can affect change.

I truly apologize for the extremely poor audio quality! I can’t figure out technology as a Gen X’er. I’m full of good ideas so I hope you can look past my ineptitudes in technology and find the gold in the words Fred speaks!

If I ever get a following I will invest in great equipment! 🙂

I’m open to learning about systemic racism and what I can do differently, in my own life, my own biases, my city, my state, and my country. Sit down, listen, learn. Read. There are so many books out there to get started!

We talk about “The Color of Compromise” by Jemar Tisby, his new book, How to Fight Racism (I’m ordering this right now!)

Get educated. Start there. The rest will follow.

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