Not Crying On Sundays Part 3: The Forced Choice

The church has been celebrating their recent happy middle ground. "We can agree that you can be gay, we agree that probably won't change, but ACTING on it is a big, fat, sin." The church can congratulate themselves on this victory of practicing humanity while holding their self-appointed high moral ground, applauding themselves for being … Continue reading Not Crying On Sundays Part 3: The Forced Choice

Ex-Husbands-In-Law (11/9/15)

Ex-Husbands-In-Law.  It's a thing!  Google it!  Ok, maybe not.  We just made it up to describe our guys in social situations.  "I'd like you to meet my ex-husband-in-law".  Or "Oh, no, we aren't together.  This is my ex-husband-in-law."  Definition:  Your partner's ex-husband is your ex-husband-in-law.  I realize most women never get an ex-husband-in-law.  It's a … Continue reading Ex-Husbands-In-Law (11/9/15)