Podcast #9: The Journey of Awakening: With Honor Genetski

Wow, wow, wow!


I had the honor of interviewing Honor Genetski today!  She is a game changer for all moms out there struggling to find their own in the journey of motherhood.  So many of us feel unsupported, lost, beat down, and also knowing it could be better.  The difference between surviving motherhood and thriving in it.

I have personally worked with her in this past year and she has changed my life forever.  More accurately, she gave me the tools to change my own life.  It’s been a journey of awakening, enlightenment, and thriving.

Once you open your heart to accessing God’s voice in your life, you can never go back.  You can never go back to sleep.  You can never go back into darkness.

The secret isn’t finding the “right book”, the “right advice”, or the “right way” to do life.

The journey never ends, as you go deeper and deeper.

Our culture has become disconnected, disjointed, and disillusioned when it comes to Motherhood.  Moms suffer because of it, and it gets passed down generation to generation.

Before we can go out and change the world, or raise the kind of kids we want to raise, we have to turn inward and show up for ourselves.  Moms aren’t just the backbone of families, the ones holding it all together for everyone else.  We hold the power, the key, to radically change our family dynamics, our marriages and it radiates out from us.  My prayer to all the moms out there is to finally step out of the concept that we are made to give all without receiving, to sacrifice.  To show up for ourselves is actually to show up for those we love.  We cannot show up for them and be what they need us to be until we start to show up for ourselves.  I took that leap and have changed our family forever.  I want that for all of us.

I loved talking with her today, and hope you all enjoy.


You can find Honor at:  http://honorgenetski.com/


and FB:  Consciously Created Motherhood


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One thought on “Podcast #9: The Journey of Awakening: With Honor Genetski

  1. Thanks for sharing conversation with your motherhood doula/guru. She sounds like a huge blessing in yours and many other’s lives. Some good take-away points for even an older mother’s life.

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