Podcast Episode #6: Physician Heal Thyself

Our family has been on the “paleo” journey for the past 15 years, to varying degrees of strictness.  Lately, I’ve completely fallen off the wagon, convinced that I don’t really feel much difference.  But, I’m getting old and the stress I’ve put on my body through birth, breastfeeding, life, and raising 5 kids is starting to catch up.  I’ve found myself getting extremely fatigued.  At first I assumed since I had more down time, I was just getting lazy.  You know, an object that is put in motion tends to stay in motion.  Inertia.  Maybe I just ran out of it.  Then I realized it was more that I finally had a chance to notice how tired I was.  I could sleep all day!  Bloodwork revealed some stress to my adrenals and thyroid.  I’m experimenting with healing my body through nutrition, not only avoiding damaging foods, but by increasing foods that heal, in hopes of reversing the damage and avoiding putting the bandaid on of medicating the symptoms.

This podcast starts to go down the Paleo health rabbit hole, but there’s a lot to unpack.  Expect more nutrition podcasts down the road where we will touch on kids and nutrition, more details on hypothyroidism, and, apparently, a tutorial on proper ways to cook meat correctly!


Eating Healthy Can Be Tastier than This!

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