Ode to the Washing Maching (11-15)

This has been on my list of topics, but must put this out there today in honor of our trusty appliance.  The fridge went out today, and the dish washer is all backed up.  So, in order to appease the appliance gods, I should probably say a few kind words to the washing machine, lest it up and quit as well.
I used to be pretty good at poetry.  It’s been a few decades since I was all polished up, but I’ll give it a go:

Oh Washing Machine, Our Washing Machine
You’re the hardest working member of the family, I have to say
You’re running non-stop all night and all day
You clean all our underwear, clean all our jeans
The things you must deal with, the things you must clean!
You scrub all the bedsheets when little boys pee
You never complain about anything, it’s easy to see
You’ve washed 25,000 cloth diapers or more
You’ve dealt with the towels that mop up the floor
Whether it’s tutus or jerseys or grass-stained shorts
Or blankets kids used from building their forts
You try your hardest I have to think
I won’t even mention the pillows dyed pink
We go through detergent by cases of box
And all you require is to eat a few socks
You run and you run, at least 4 loads a day
You’re amazingly fit, I just have to say!
With zero complaining you’ve moved ‘cross the states
Stacked up or stacked down, neither position you hates
I hope you can see how much we adore you
So please don’t give up for the next decade or two!

Hope the washing machine feels appreciated today!  Go give your hardest working appliance some love!

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