I’m Gonna Love You Like I’m Gonna Lose You (11/15)

PictureMy person’s been gone for 12 days. I will see her in 44 hours. (But who’s counting?) It’s been painfully hard to be away from each other. We’re super magnets to each other. We can’t stay apart from one another. She’s a person I WANT to be with. Often. It’s painful to be apart.

She’s out of state right now for military training. I’m so proud of her for her service, her willingness to sacrifice. She takes even her part time job very seriously. She works crazy hard. She’s worked weekdays and weekends nonstop for several weeks at a time. I love listening to her describe what she’s learning. I don’t get it at all, or keep it all straight but it’s not because I’m not paying attention. I love listening anyway because she has passion in her voice. She is the kind of person that can sit in a class and find it interesting, intriguing, and she puts her full attention to it. Even when her class is pass/fail she tries to get the best class score. She’s driven, motivated, and always strives to be the best. She’s not just putting in her time. She’s giving it everything she has. (Who couldn’t love this!?)

Allow me to be mushy for a moment. I miss her like crazy. We text, call, snail mail, FaceTime. The benefits of living in this era are not lost on me! I cannot wait to see her. I can’t wait to meet her at the airport. I cannot wait to wrap my arms around her. She belongs with me.

I’ve been at home with the kids. To tell you the truth, I have it really easy. For the most part I have a lot of help. The dads definitely take the load off. I don’t miss her simply because I can’t handle the home life. I miss her. Just her presence. I miss talking to her, being near her. Having her hand there whenever I need to touch her. She’s my person that I don’t want to live without.

Being apart for a bit really drives home how important she is, how we know to cherish the times (much more often than not) that we are together. With her, I will never take her being next to me every night for granted. I will never wish to have my space. Never need to take a break.

There will come a time she may deploy. I’ve known this going in, and fully support her. It will be very hard. For both of us, for the family. But we’ll do it gladly. Because I want her to know that her goals, career, sacrifice and service are ours to share. Not to get through, or survive, or bear the burden. We’ll be all-in.

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