Fridays I’m in Love (2-12-16)

God is good.  All the time.

It’s a great day today.  The weather here is mild, such a welcome relief this time of year.

I was at an amazing birth last night, and although I always worry and joke that babies come at the worst time, it always times just perfectly.  Out of the house at 8:00pm, back in bed by 11:20pm.  The kids were taken care of, no huge schedule rearranging or panic.  And, it was another beautiful birth.  Always a good day when you are witness to life.

My life is ridiculously easy nowadays.  There are so many hands helping, 8, as opposed to 2 of my own that I had grown used to.  I used to feel like I was drowning in life.  Now I’m sailing in it.
I am surrounded by the best kids in the world.  Kids that throw fits, yes, fight, but they have hearts of gold.  We catch them helping the little ones.  We catch them carrying on discussions long into the night.  We catch them intuitively knowing what’s going on around them.  We catch them being more in tune than any adult could be.  We find notes that say “My Moms are awesome.  You are truly amazing!” from our 8 year old.

I have two best friends besides my wife.  They also happen to be our children’s dads.  I look forward to the days when we can spend time together and talk.  I have no loneliness in this life!
I have a hot date tonight.  A super hot date.  I can’t wait.  I married a woman I never get tired of being in her presence.  And we have a gift of a night alone, away from the house!  We get these often, which is incredible.  It does include a 12 mile run.  Of which I could complain, but a year ago I never would have attempted.  Progress.

Have I mentioned I have this gorgeous wife?  Who started out as the best friend I had ever had.  Who is still the best friend I’ve ever had.  And she chose me.  She grows me into a better person every day.  Sometimes joyfully, sometimes painfully.  But growth is always good.  It’s amazing to be with someone that knows you so deeply, it’s hard to stay open.  It would be easy to close down, and start building walls.  But you take a risk and stay open.  And then suddenly, your love gets even deeper, closer, more connected than ever.  And it’s a beautiful thing.

I have extended family.  They are there for us, for the kids, whole-heartedly embracing us!  My family has grown and enveloped wonderful people.  It’s a blessing I could never have fathomed.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His love endures forever! ~Psalm 136:1


Just 2 of 9 my favorite people in the world!

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