Ex-Husbands-In-Law (11/9/15)

Ex-Husbands-In-Law.  It's a thing!  Google it!  Ok, maybe not.  We just made it up to describe our guys in social situations.  "I'd like you to meet my ex-husband-in-law".  Or "Oh, no, we aren't together.  This is my ex-husband-in-law."  Definition:  Your partner's ex-husband is your ex-husband-in-law.  I realize most women never get an ex-husband-in-law.  It's a … Continue reading Ex-Husbands-In-Law (11/9/15)

The Other Ex-Husband-In-Law Guest Blog (1-26-16)

A couple of months ago, my wife wrote a blog about the relationship she has with my ex-husband. Over the summer, we were trying to figure out how to define each other’s ex-husband to others in the fewest words possible. I coined the term “ex-husband-in-law” (although, she kind of takes the credit for this stroke … Continue reading The Other Ex-Husband-In-Law Guest Blog (1-26-16)