Vlog Episode #1. The Garbage Disposal

Enjoy my first Vlog on YouTube and be sure to subscribe here on my WordPress or YouTube! Thanks all!

Hello all my blog fans! (ok, basically just my mom).

I have not been writing much lately but I had been toying with the idea of adding a Podcast to my blog site! (First episode to launch soon!)

I then had an epic idea to also launch a Vlog of my exciting life! Well, mostly a DIY-meets-momming-meets-learning-as I-go-Vlog.

The challenge is I’ve always hated watching myself and listening to myself but that’s about to change as I’ve just dived (dove? doven?) head first into becoming a YouTube sensation. (Thus making me the 6th person in our home with this goal).

So, without further ado, my First Vlog! How to fix the garbage disposal.

Join me on my quest to learn how to be handy as a flannel-wearing-stay-at-home-mom-handyman-lesbian-wife. I hope to post Episode 2 soon!https://youtu.be/V4hBbxoJ_jg

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