Sick Babies (11/4/15)

As the weather finally changes from almost summer to winter here  in just one day, the 2 little boys battle the latest virus circulating around town.  Sometimes you just never know why they are so fussy, until the next night when they are warm with a fever or start coughing.  The littlest one started his morning fussing for over an hour.  I finally put down the dishes I was loading into the dishwasher and picked him up and held him.  Sometimes, a day you think is going to be overwhelming and stressful turns into a cherished moment that you’ll remember for a long time.  Just like that his beautiful little eyes blinked a few times, and then closed.  With the 5th kiddo, you sometimes forget what it’s like to just hold them, sleeping in your arms.  You suddenly realize not much else matters except the little one you are holding in your arms, asleep so peacefully.  I remember so well holding the firstborn so frequently.  As the family grew bigger, the times I was able to sit and hold the newest baby grew smaller.  I’m so blessed to be the other mother to this little precious man!

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