Why We Blog (2-1-16)

  1. A creative energy outlet:  Both of us love to write and it’s been ages since we’ve had a chance.  Since I closed my shop and business I wanted to have an outlet to express myself.
  2. People are interested in our story:  We know you are kind of curious!
  3. We DO have an interesting story:  We recognize how unique our situation is.  Falling in love with your best friend.  Coming out.  Blending families.  Maintaining positive relationships with your exes.  We don’t mind sharing what it looks like from day to day.
  4. We love our life and want to share the love:  We are in love.  It’s magical.  It’s wonderful.  It’s so powerful and deep.  It’s challenging and difficult and some days overwhelming.  But we know what we have is unique and special.  We also have 5 beautiful children that we want to focus on.  LOVE is definitely the key word at our house!  It defines our relationship with each other.  It defines our relationship with our kids, our extended family.  It defines the God I believe in.
  5. We want to show what family is really about:  We both have pretty traditional view of family and how we pictured raising our children.  So when our new family formed, we adapted quickly and realized that family is what you make it. I had worried what it would do to my kids having 2 moms.  What it would do for them having a “broken” home.  But that’s the funny thing.  They don’t have a broken home.  They have a big, beautiful home with 2 moms that love them extra (Just picture the other morning in the kitchen with our 2 year old squeezed in our hug and our 4 year old wiggling in to take part by our legs).  A dad that has time and energy now to spend one-on-one time with them and take them on fun adventures.  It’s only broken if we cultivate negative energy and feelings for those around us.  We have chosen love.  We have all chosen to look at all the good and the positive.  We have chosen to surround ourselves with those that love and support us and understand the importance of this.  That is family.  We love our family, our kids, their dads, our extended family, and even those that aren’t “legally” family anymore.  They are still in our lives, supporting us and loving us, and that’s pretty darn wonderful.  Our kids have extra people in their lives now that love them.  We see that most people look at our life and fall into 2 camps:  Those that think it’s really cool that we all get along and love each other and the kids, and those that think it’s weird.  That it should be “normal” that we don’t get along.  We want to show people that other situations are possible.
  6. We want to focus on the positive:  The more I can focus on the beauty and positivity of our life the better it becomes!  We share the good stuff not because we want to put up a front and live in a fake world.  Take facebook posts for example.  We criticize and compare each other constantly based on what we post.  There’s a belief that when people post these great family moments or a shout out to how amazing their spouse is, it’s really to trick the rest of us into thinking their life is better than it really is.  And the more they post things like that, the more they are trying to cover up what’s really happening.  Even when it’s not happening for the purpose of deception, we also compare the “perfect” family snapshot we read on FB today to our daily grind and wonder what we are doing wrong.  That’s not our point.  We could blog about how hard life is, the challenges, what we all gave up.  But we are purposely not going there.  We want to share that it’s beautiful and wonderful because focusing on that in turn makes it even better.
  7. We blog because a reality tv show is out of the question!  We get the comment often that we should have our own show.  Um, how about starting with a blog first!  J  Our story is fun, but let’s keep it real!
  8. To keep friends and family appraised:  Mass distribution  🙂
  9. We want to be an open book:  From the start, we have been open and honest about our relationship.  We had a choice to try to keep things quiet.  There are a lot of reasons for our choice to be open.  We live in a small town.  We know a lot of people.  It would have been difficult.  There’s no reason to hide it.  We spread the story ourselves.  People will still talk, but there’s a lot less speculation when it’s out in the open.  I believe in being an open book.  I’m an extremely sensitive person but I don’t hide many things.  It helps me build relationships.  People can enjoy, question, learn and love with us!

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