In the Closet (5-27-16)

PictureIn the past couple months, I’ve spent a lot of time back in the closet.  Our house has very little storage space, and when my wife originally moved in we “converted” (in other words, threw some cheap clothing racks into) the only storage room (unfinished with wood shelves hanging off the walls because the previous owner didn’t bother finding the studs to nail into, old sheetrock slapped up in only half the room, and a stained wood floor with tile covering half of it.  There was an open vent to the other apartment that leaked cat odors.  Yum!)

A couple months ago I dug in and gave the room a transformation into a true walk-in closet.  I’m a sucker for a fun remodel project.  I moved everything out and took a crowbar to the walls.  OK, correction:  I’m a sucker for ripping things out and then having a finished product.  It’s the in-between I realized I have absolutely no patience whatsoever to be allowed to start these kinds of things.  I had the help of my ex-hubby-in-law to do some of the drywall work, but I gutted, drywalled, mudded, textured, painted, refinished the wood floor, and designed a walk-in closet.  I survived the in-between mess and frustration and completed my task.  It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.  It’s still kind of a tight fit, but all of her clothes (and most of mine!) fit!

Yes, I spent a lot of time in the closet last month, but I really enjoyed it.

I love remodeling because I love, crave, need job satisfaction once in a while.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a stay-at-home mom, but it can be pretty low-feedback, low-productivity kind of job.  I really love working with my hands.  I know that I would enjoy manual labor.  Of course I say that, and I mean, straightforward, simple, no complications type remodeling.  Which is never is (right now I’m trying to get a rusted bolt off a toilet and I’ve been doing quite a bit of swearing which normally helps but it’s not getting me anywhere today).  It’s even cliche, but I feel most comfortable in carhartt overalls.  (Yes, the signs have always been there… )To walk in to this closet and see the fruits of my labor is pretty sweet.


See how the walls looked before I got started! Also, note my favorite tool is a prybar. That’s very dangerous. It’s not a tool that puts things back together. It’s one that takes things apart.

Everyone loves remodeling!

Once again I find myself in the closet in my current remodeling project.

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